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2020 Stinger Nuke BBCOR Bat Review

Stinger Nuke 2020 BBCOR Baseball Bat in

Welcome to BAT's 2020 Stinger Nuke BBCOR Bat review, a new release that is a stiff, one-piece alloy bat that unironically hits NUKES!

Will here with the baseball bat bros, and today we got the Stinger Nuke BBCOR. This is going to be a one-piece end-loaded brute force bat. Guys, last one piece until bat badness that's right we're going to have a 24 bat tournament it's going to be insane it's going to be a ton it'll be like four or five videos guys it's going to be nuts, but this is the last one we have to review the Stinger Nuke one-piece BBCOR.

One-piece alloy 


So here's a closer look at the Stinger Nuke BBCOR. This is going to be a one-piece very end-loaded guys. I can already tell this is going to be a big-time power bat, so Stinger started with like wood bats. They do a lot of like uniforms and apparel and stuff like that they dropped their first BBCOR. 


Though this one's only 230 bucks, we'll see if this competes this is going to be in like that Easton fuse 360 xl and Omaha price range and like the goods one and the voodoo one the alpha 360 xl. Let's see how it compares to some of these other one-pieces and see if this thing's going to have a shot in bat madness.

End-loaded with serious pop


Let's do this hey guys we got the homie trace lair back out here again a Double-A player or a Triple-A player, little walk off ding dong last year that was sick so trace is back out with us hitting some bombs today yes sir all right Stinger Nuke let's see how this thing does a power bat front toss it looks excellent similar like the hawk too we're fresh off that video we'll see if this thing has as much pop kind of in like that four and a half or five power range are going to be a lot more end loaded pretty low on that batbro scale biggest thing we want to look for in a sweet spot. However, this thing's going to have pop for sure, but does it have an excellent sweet spot?


My god, this is a liner home run it's the center lane drives oh man I'm like home run derby groove right now everything's good to get it that's the best round I've ever had in my life. The Stinger Nuke was hitting Nukes baby.


A top value bat of 2020?


This bat is gas what the hell all right. We found another one boys 230 bucks and hits Nukes. You can't fake that like I had zero expectations going into this. The stinger Nuke, I just figured you know, is a pretty good power hitter in one piece hits bombs. You guys see me batting right-handed on this field. The wind's not howling out, or nothing like you know pretty calm wind. If anything, it's just kind of like a crosswind that way I'm hitting absolute bombs like I'm like I had my most consistent and like some of my furthest balls I've ever hit like ever on this channel with this bat.

Stiff barrel for maximum distance


And guys again I mean I keep coming back to this every time i swing stiff bats every time i turn and loaded bats typically that's going to be like a one-piece alloy or like a thick two-piece hybrid like the goods or the select power or the caddy connect i just drop bombs like those are gonna be the best bats for hitting the ball far and guys i honestly think having a little bit of m load in a bat actually helps with a slightly smoother swing and bat path you know i've talked about this on a slow pitch channel a bunch you kind of just get the hands going and the barrel just does the rest you lose a little bit of barrel control that way but i mean that's how you get the momentum going into the baseball that's how the ball goes a long way.

Great BBCOR bat for power hitters

That's why you see college guys swinging bats like this heavy end-loaded one-piece BBCOR bats that are stiff instead of like the cf zen right you don't know the cf zen or the prime or the meta hardly anywhere in college you see the Omaha you see the select power you see the goods you see the 5150 you know the caddy connect you see the cat 8 stiff and loaded one-piece bass to hit the ball a long way the fuse 360 xl so while this thing was definitely pretty end-loaded probably like a 1.5 on the bat bro scale gonna be pretty heavy to swing gonna be like not super ideal for a younger guy entering into BBCOR for the first time but if you're a more muscular dude this is going to be like honestly one of your best options for only 230 dollars.


The bat's sweet spot like three and a half for four probably honestly an excellent sweet spot for a one-piece this is going to be up there competing for a place you know in the like the final four for one-piece bat madness again there's 24 bats in that this thing's going to fight. However, I'm honestly shocked something hits absolute bombs impressed as an excellent bat. A five on the power scale so this thing's going to be up there good like ten and a half out of fifteen.

The reviews are in: The Nuke hits Nukes!


Yo Trace, what do you think about the Stinger Nuke? Well, it hits Nukes! I said earlier it shouldn't know BBCOR should say blaster because I mean you drop the head on this thing the ball goes a long way um definitely got to agree with will on the fact that is a little and loaded on it took me a couple of rounds to get used to it just because I'm used to swinging wood bats. Still, so definitely like you said for healthier kids um, but all in all, I mean this is a great bat I mean, especially for a one-piece too. I mean, this is a fantastic deal, and it drops Nukes.


Guys, so just clarifying: I have zero affiliation with Stinger at all. They just sent us a bat. I couldn't give two craps if Stinger sells a ton of bats this year or not to be completely honest I don't care what bats do well.


We are completely honest with you guys of what bats we think are good, and this is a good one this could say Rawlings this could tell Easton this could say Axe bat this could say freaking Spalding man and i. I don't care like we just try to see the bats for what they are and this thing hits bombs this is a good bat straight up going to be one of your one of the best bang for your buck options out there this straight up might be better than like the 33 Omaha which is one of our favorite one-piece bats of the year.

Best one-piece BBCOR of 2020


It is up there with like the Widowmaker, so we're talking like some of the best BBCOR one-piece bats of the year right here.


Our review of the Stinger Nuke BBCOR Bat: It is here to stay.

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